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The vastu shastra are Hindu texts from the Indian subcontinent on traditional Indian architecture. They describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastras incorporate traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Houses that are designed keeping a proper balance between the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire and space are considered to attract peace. Vastu Shastra ensures this coordination by laying specific rules. Does the shape of a plot impact environment of the house as per Vastu? Square and rectangular- shaped plots are ideal for residences whereas oval, round, triangular and L-shaped plots are better to avoid. Is there any adverse effect during the resale of a property if it is not built according to the rules of Vastu Shastra? Nowadays, buyers are becoming more and more aware of the Vastu principles. Owing to this, the developers are also building Vastu-compliance housing projects and using it as a unique selling point for their projects. Hence, Vastu-complaint house is easy to sell. According to Vastu, what is the significance of open spaces?Open spaces are highly recommended in Vastu to maintain coordination between the five elements. And as per Vastu, it is recommended to keep open letter towards the north and east side. What is the ideal location for septic tanks and water tanks as per Vastu?Vastu says the ideal location to set up overhead water tanks is either on the north, west or north-west directions. Avoid placing the overhead tank right above the main entrance. Whereas septic rank can be placed in any direction barring the west, however, it should not be extended towards the south or the south-west direction. What is the ideal floor plan for a house in Vastu?According to Vastu, the north-facing floor plan is ideal for homes. If a house has Vastu doshas, what are the remedies for it?Vastu offers specific remedies to rectify or lessen the impact of certain deficiencies or doshas. By making small changes in your home as per Vastu Shastra, you can address particular doshas of your house. Is it necessary to build a house according to the principles of Vastu Shastra? If someone does not follow them, can it cause any problem?Buyers don’t have any way to check and sure whether a property is Vastu-friendly or not. At the same time, there are no such definite facts which indicate that a house not built as per Vastu principles can cause any problem. Vastu Shastra is more of a science wherein the rules and principles are made in accordance with the environment. Such as scientifically, it is good to have more natural light, air and sunlight in your home and Vastu Shastra also prescribes the same.

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