Mahakal puja

About Mahakal puja

Mahakal symbolises the fierce aspect of Lord Shiva. Kaal means time, which is the ruler of the mortal world and Mahakal is the one which rules over time. The manifestation of Lord Shiva as Mahakal symbolises the destroyer aspect of His and His association with time. Mahakal is often depicted to be dark in complexion, with garland of skulls, seated on corpses, dwelling at the cremation ground. Mahakal symbolises the destructive power of Shiva, He destroys for balance and so that new creation can take place. He is also destroyer of darkness, ignorance, evil, adharma and provider of Moksh for His devotees. Mahakal Puja is done for protection, longevity of life and power. He is also worshipped for success and victory. Worshipping Mahakal also provides relief from all Planetary doshas.

Puja's Benefits

For supreme protection, longevity of life and power For Divine grace and blessings for Lord Mahakal

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