Day Panchang

Panchang Aka Panchangam is the Hindu Calendar which is denoted in the Indian Vedic astrology. Hindi Panchang mainly constitutes of 5 components, namely Tithi (The Lunar Day), Vara (Day of the Week), Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion), Yoga (Luni-Solar Day) and Karana (Half Lunar Day). Panchang mainly showcases the movements of the sun and the moon. Without consulting a Panchang in Hindu religion, auspicious events like marriage ceremonies, civic affairs, important events, inaugrations, examinations, interviews, starting new business / projects and other similar activities are not carried out. mPanchang provides you free information on Hindi Panchang.

As it has been articulated since the ancient times that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, similarly when an individual acts in harmony with the environment, the environment also acts in the similar harmonious way with that individual. Hindu Panchang  plays a vital part in analyzing the important ‘tithi’ for a prosperous work to start.

A Panchang showcases tabulation for the position of the Sun, Moon and the other planets for each day of the year for a fixed place (Longitude & Latitude) and time (24 Hour IST). The relevant data can be counted by using the difference between Fixed Place and Time. Vishva Vijay Panchang carries information for 100 years, which is rarest of all.

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